The grains terminal handles wheat, corn, barley, rapeseed, sunflower seeds and soybeans.
Storage capacity for this type of goods amounts to 270,000 tons. The warehouses in this terminal are operated by front loaders, while one warehouse is operated by conveyor belts, both for reception and delivery of the goods.

Feedstuffs (Import/Soybean Meal)
Storage capacity of this terminal amounts to 30,000 tons.
Ships are unloaded using a portal crane. Conveyor belts then transport the unloaded goods from the ship to a warehouse exclusively dedicated to soybean meal. Front loaders load the goods into lorries and railway waggons.

Feedstuffs (Export/Sunflower & Rapeseed Meal)
This terminal is dedicated to the export of sunflower and rapeseed meal.
Storage capacity of this terminal amounts to 30,000 tons.

Fertilizers are stored in warehouses equipped with an automatic unloading system, while quay or mobile cranes load the fertilizers into the vessels.
Storage capacity for bagged fertilizers amounts to about 15,000 tons.

Phosphate and Apatite Terminal
A portal crane of 25 tons handles the operation of imported raw materials; phosphate and apatite.
Transport of phosphate and apatite to a silo, the only one of its kind in Constanta with a storage capacity of 36,000 tons, is handled by conveyor belts. Railway waggons, on the other hand, are loaded with conveyor belts and hoppers which ensure automatic weighing of the goods.

Sugar Terminal
Import of bulk raw sugar and export of white bagged sugar is operated through this terminal. Considering the characteristics of this product, Chimpex will complete the construction of a modern warehouse with a storage capacity of 25,000 tons in 2015.

Constanta, Romania
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