07 Feb. 2024


CHIMPEX and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, as the Authority of Management for the Transport Program 2021-2027, signed on 28.12.2023 the contract funding no. 8/2023, in the total amount of 4,328,695.20 lei.
The general objective of the project is represented by the development of the port superstructure of loading/unloading and processing of goods by making investments in streamlining the company’s operational flow.
Expected results following the implementation of the project are:
• Developed maritime and inland (river) ports;
• Implementation of measures to improve the transport network, resilient to changes
climate, smart, safe, sustainable, and intermodal by ensuring energy efficiency and an equality of opportunity.
The project, which receives funding from the Cohesion Fund through the Transport Program 2021-2027, Priority P7 Development of naval and multimodal transport, Specific Objective RSO3.1 Developing a TEN-T network that is resilient to climate change, smart, secure, sustainable and intermodal, Operation Investments in the infrastructure of waterways and intermodal terminals, will be implemented in the period 28.12.2023 – 31.12.2024 in the Municipality of Constanța, Port Enclosure Berths 55-63, Constanta, Romania.
The field of activity in which the investment is to be made is of manipulations, field delimited according to the legislation in force by CAEN Code 5224 - Handling.
The project is co-financed from the Cohesion Fund through the Transport Program 2021-2027